Currency Converter

AUD162 BGN196
BRL623 CAD149
CHF108 CNY758
CZK2,541 DKK744
EUR100 GBP86
HKD912 HRK750
HUF35,699 IDR1,674,710
ILS375 INR8,647
JPY12,949 KRW138,254
LTL345 LVL70
MXN2,363 MYR491
NOK1,009 NZD167
PHP5,960 PLN460
RON495 RUB8,551
SEK1,014 SGD159
THB3,920 TRY1,036
USD117 ZAR1,755

Currency data provided by the European Central Bank.
We update the data every day at 16:30 CET.