Currency Converter

AUD158 BGN196
BRL590 CAD147
CHF110 CNY772
CZK2,542 DKK744
EUR100 GBP86
HKD927 HRK750
HUF35,052 IDR1,724,940
ILS388 INR8,850
JPY13,220 KRW135,107
LTL345 LVL70
MXN2,397 MYR497
NOK1,017 NZD169
PHP5,805 PLN452
RON492 RUB8,626
SEK1,011 SGD160
THB3,802 TRY1,038
USD119 ZAR1,700

Currency data provided by the European Central Bank.
We update the data every day at 16:30 CET.