Currency Converter

AUD158 BGN196
BRL431 CAD150
CHF114 CNY794
CZK2,588 DKK746
EUR100 GBP87
HKD899 HRK743
HUF32,176 IDR1,674,810
ILS422 INR8,328
JPY13,002 KRW128,625
LTL345 LVL70
MXN2,263 MYR477
NOK953 NZD170
PHP6,058 PLN429
RON466 RUB7,577
SEK1,033 SGD157
THB3,766 TRY614
USD115 ZAR1,602

Currency data provided by the European Central Bank.
We update the data every day at 16:30 CET.